Writing Centre of Excellence


High-stakes writing projects can be particularly daunting and the writing process isolating. Therefore, in addition to exchange through dialogue and feedback, we create community support for completing these projects through writing interviews and by encouraging and facilitating the formation of writing groups.

This is because our common goals could not be achieved without writing. The CER is committed to supporting students in writing situations in all majors in the UC3 community.

We assist students in all stages of the writing process through face-to-face and online consultations, workshops, and trainings. Our multilingual staff is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful and collaborative environment for writing assistance and goal achievement.

∴ Missions

We offer individual consultations to students and group support services to faculty. Whether you’re brainstorming, writing, editing or refining, our writing consultants can help you with your projects, including:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s theses
  • Scientific writing: Papers, posters, research articles, research notes, etc.
  • Documents, reports and projects for any course in any department
  • Writing of grant applications
  • PowerPoint presentations and other non-print projects

∴ Location

The center is located in the Faculty of Political Science in the RDC the wing of the building to the right of the lecture hall.



Responsible for

The center for excellence in writing is created in partnership with Florida International University

Visit of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to the Center for Excellence in Writing on December 08, 2022"