Business-University Liaison Office

Concerned about its openness to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and the
strengthening of its relations with local communities and the economic and social fabric,
the University of Constantine 3 officially launches from October 2020 its
business-university liaison office. “Le BLEU” is a space for collaboration and
of exchanges which aims to be a vector of innovation and transfer of knowledge between the university
and the territory. It undertakes to give new impetus to the work of cooperation between the
research institutions and companies and to actively contribute to the construction
territory and this, by promoting the emergence of new forms of partnerships adapted to the
Algerian contextual reality.

Today more than ever, the university as a reservoir of knowledge and
human resources, is called upon to engage in reflection on the skills and jobs to be
even allow economic recovery and meet the demands of businesses. It’s at
this title that the “BLUE” by initiating a dialogue with the socio-economic world, opens the
debate on the nature of the lessons and content provided, but also on the relevance
and the effectiveness of research in order to make them both compatible and adapted to the needs
in skills, of the market. Give impetus to research and training through the
development of academic content adapted to the needs and requirements of the territory,
guide research towards greater operationality by launching collaborative projects with
local economic, institutional and social actors, is the starting point of such

To do this, it is essential today to reach out to economic players and
institutions, to combine viewpoints and to pool the means committed to cooperate in a synergistic and efficient manner. This will have the effect of having better readability of the
territory and give greater visibility to the University of Constantine 3.

Among the missions of the “BLEU” the accompaniment and support of researchers and
project leaders, in their partnership approaches aimed at the public sectors
or private as well as organizations from civil society, by identifying
potential partners, the development, negotiation and management of new forms of
partnerships. Just as it accompanies partners wishing to undertake a
collaboration with researchers from the university to target the appropriate expertise and to put them into
relationship, in compliance with the mechanisms for the promotion and transfer of technology,
protection of intellectual property in force at UC3.

This obviously implies having a good knowledge of the potential
university, and the offer in terms of research and training, but also that of the offer
territory, of these expectations and needs. Hence the importance of creating networks and integrating
existing networks, to set up exchange and information interfaces as well as
collaborative platforms, to establish internal and external organizational proximity to
the university and to intensify the relations and interactions between and with the actors.

The dynamic resulting from such an exchange can only alter the university offer in
terms of training because it improves the skills of teacher-researchers
and laboratories that host them, but also to help graduates in the integration
career, or the development of their entrepreneurial skills. Of another
side the university is open to the prospect of supporting companies in improving
the skills and retraining of their employees, by developing online training or
adapted to the rhythms of the latter, but also by integrating companies into the training
university.. The role of the “BLUE” consists here in stimulating, facilitating and crystallizing the work
collaborative and cooperative, and decipher the expectations of all partners.

Constantine 3 University today benefits from a certain number of structures and
projects whose main purpose is to ensure the creation of innovation, the transfer of
knowledge, business creation, such as the CATI, the entrepreneurship house, the structure
YEBDA, to which the “BLEU” is associated, which will act as a link with the