The mission of the Statistics and Forecasting Service is to gather and account for all matters related to our university in terms of students, professors, workers and all the pedagogical and administrative structures of the workers’ or professors’ offices, as well as everything related to the census of faculties and departments, without forgetting the census of all the existing and evolving divisions and disciplines.

Its mission is also limited to the process of foresight, that is to say, the set of presumed expectations for the development of the future always based on what is available in the present time, with a set of suggestions that are studied by the relevant officials having taken cognizance of the current data or existing media in the university (professors), and thus, present suggestions for the future regarding the pedagogical places that can be provided to improve the level of training of students.

In general, the tasks of the Statistics and Forecasting Service are as follows

  • Prepare annual statistics on the structures and changes in the student population at the university. The Service provides the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with these statistics by:
    • Preliminary statistical survey of college entrance.
    • Final statistical result.
    • Human resources statistics.
    • Statistics of academic services and cultural and sports activities.
    • Statistics related to scientific research.
    • Statistics on Algerian male students concerned by national service.
  • The department provides the Programming and Budget Monitoring Department and the Organization and Public Relations Department with periodic statistics on structures and students, updating them as needed.
  • Gather the necessary elements for the preparation of draft university development plans.
  • To carry out all prospective studies on the expectations in terms of the development of the university’s student census and to propose all actions to guarantee them; in particular in the field of the development of the pedagogical and administrative supervision.
  • Keep the university’s statistical map and update it periodically.