This Service is responsible for all matters relating to the media and the dissemination of information after the collection and selection, for the benefit of university students, through the dissemination of information and figures reflecting the results achieved by the university using in this regard, all available means namely; social networks, open houses and study days.

This service is also in charge of guiding the student and helping him/her to choose his/her academic path. Guidance is an educational process aimed at maturing the student’s personality by developing his own aspects of his relationship with his environment and the society in which he lives, and by helping him to define the parameters of his academic and professional future in a coherent way, based on his needs and preferences. In addition, he or she must be able to position and adapt to the variables of his or her own person and environment, but also become aware of and acquire the ability to develop a personal project.

In general, the tasks of the Guidance and Information Department are as follows

  • Preparation of media support in the area of the educational pathway guaranteed by the university and its professional outlets.
  • Help guide students through various stages and accompany new students in providing information about the University.
  • To provide students with all the information they need to choose their orientation.
  • Promote student outreach activities.
  • Coordinate with various departments working in the media field inside and outside the university.
  • Coordinate with the sub-directorate of scientific, cultural and sports activities both inside and outside the university.

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