In this context, the Vice Rectorate of Development, Prospective and Orientation plays an important and effective role in advancing the wheel of development of projects acquired for the benefit of the university in various fields, the aim being to provide all the appropriate and comfortable conditions for the improvement of the level of studies, following the construction projects on the one hand, on the other hand, attracting new projects, and finally, following up on the transformation operations ; through the use of the latest technologies available to provide the necessary basic educational, administrative and cultural structures.

The vice rectorate of development, prospective and orientation, has as main objective the presentation of a prospective study that corresponds to the needs of the university family. This is based on the annual statistics that it realizes, and the prospective expectations related to the rapid evolution of the student population. In response to this request, the Vice Rectorate plans to open new specialties in the faculties on the one hand, and an accompaniment in all phases and stages of pedagogical training at the level of our university, on the other hand.

In addition, the Vice Rectorate works to provide the necessary guidance, based on the information gathered during the year, to the entire university family, regarding the activity and training within the university. It will also have the task of orienting new students who have obtained the baccalaureate, informing them about all the stages of training at the university level, and providing them with the necessary instructions regarding their academic career at the university.

It has been my honor to take on this noble mission, which consists of :

  • Supervise
    the Vice Rectorate of Development, Prospective and Orientation.

  • Ensure
    the development of the university by providing for prospective operations that will bring the university up to the level of the issues and challenges to be met in the future.

  • To ensure
    the training of students in the best conditions.

  • Create
    a favorable and appropriate working environment, which will undoubtedly advance the quality of higher education and scientific research.

For my part, I will spare no effort to work alongside all the administrative staff at the level of our institution, in order to combine our efforts and converge them towards the same objective; the goal being to ensure a qualitative development of our university and its environment.