Chemical engineering is the application of chemistry to industry. It aims to determine the progress and operating conditions required to manage industrial chemical reactions throughout their evolution. The methods used in a laboratory are often not adapted to industrial production, particularly from an economic point of view. This is why students are called upon to use their know-how to better adjust to this dimension. This master’s degree also provides students with a bachelor’s degree other than chemical engineering, with the necessary foundations and knowledge required to solve problems specific to the chemical engineering industry.

In order to qualify as a Chemical Engineer, you will need a BSc degree in chemical engineering. Furthermore, you will be required to gain practical experience during university vacations.

It is intended to enable students to be fairly autonomous at the end of their training during the two years of the Master’s degree, through an increasing evolution of self-learning training, by:

  • The integration of engineering sciences in the approach to industrial production, in order to achieve the required performance through constant control of various parameters such as temperature, pressure, concentration, flow rate, etc;
  • The acquisition of the foundations needed to handle problems such as production in an industrial environment, safety control and respect for the environment;
  • The acquisition of all the specific skills required in the fields of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), validation and industrial chemical engineering legislation.
  • Many of the techniques, methodologies and concepts developed in these courses can also be applied to other fields, such as biotechnology.

Chemical engineering course introduces students to research and higher education activities (PhD studies) in the field of chemical engineering.

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

Analytical chemist, energy manager, environmental engineer, manufacturing engineer, materials engineer, mining engineer, production manager, quality manager…etc.