Course Description: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Architecture

The Architecture program offers an integrated course of study leading to both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Its primary objective is to prepare students to become “professionals” equipped with the necessary skills, abilities, and aptitudes to engage in high-quality architectural production, architectural promotion, and the preservation of our built heritage. Upon completion of the course, students will possess the capacity to design, develop, and manage architectural projects. These abilities will be complemented by interdisciplinary and specialized skills.

The first component of the program emphasizes the mastery of communication skills, both oral and written, as well as the cultivation of a well-rounded personal culture and knowledge base that extends beyond the boundaries of the architectural profession. The second component focuses on the discipline-specific skills necessary for professional practice. These skills enable the application of acquired knowledge in a practical context.

In essence, this training program aims to produce graduates who possess the managerial knowledge, interpersonal skills, and practical expertise required to successfully undertake their responsibilities in accordance with industry standards.

Course duration

The course duration for the Bachelor’s degree in Architecture is three years, while the Master’s degree program typically spans two years.

Entry Requirements:

Access to the Bachelor’s degree program in Architecture (equivalent to a 3-year degree) is restricted to students directed by the supervising Ministry (referring to the circular of guidance issued each academic year by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research).

For automatic access to the Master’s program in Architecture, students must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Department of Architecture at Constantine3 University.

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from other universities are required to submit their academic records for evaluation. Admission decisions for these candidates are based on a thorough review of their academic file. The number of candidates accepted will depend on the availability of spaces in each academic year.

Degree awarded

Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture

Career opportunities

The opportunities offered by this course are primarily evident at the Master’s level. While the Bachelor’s degree focuses on academic foundations, it serves as a stepping stone towards the Master’s degree, which can be pursued in either a professional or academic track. Attaining a Master’s degree in Architecture empowers students to practice as qualified architects, opening up diverse career prospects in the field.

Continuation of studies
Obtaining a Master’s degree in Architecture also provides students with the opportunity to apply for the national doctorate competition. This competition allows qualified candidates to pursue a doctoral degree in the field of architecture. By successfully completing a doctorate, students can further advance their expertise, contribute to research and innovation in the architectural field, and pursue academic or research-oriented career paths.