Course Description: Professional Master’s Degrees in “Design and Urban Environment”

The program is designed to establish a framework that can support activities in the field of design. It heavily relies on the development of innovative entrepreneurial skills of future designers, equipping them with tools and knowledge to potentially start their own businesses if they desire. By being introduced to project development, business models, business plans, and informed about all project financing mechanisms in Algeria, future designers are aware of their social responsibility and the need to protect themselves and stay informed in order to thrive as enterprises. The preferred domains combine design as a transformative approach with other sectors such as craftsmanship and heritage, eco-design, sustainable development, systemic design, product design, and finally, intervention in architectural and urban fabrics. Similarly, partnerships established with the socio-economic sector provide good employment opportunities for students who do not wish to start their own businesses.”Course duration

The course duration for the Bachelor’s degree in Architecture is three years, while the Master’s degree program typically spans two years.

Entry Requirements:

  1. Eligibility: In the first year, recruitment is open to candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree. They are required to submit a dossier including a curriculum vitae, a portfolio showcasing the candidate’s skills and qualities with complete descriptions (subject, year, institution, teacher, etc.), as well as a letter of motivation explaining the intended professional project.
  2. Admission: Admission to the Master’s program in “Design, Innovation, and Urban Environment” at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in Constantine is done through an entrance competition in the 7th semester (S7), followed by a personal interview (20 minutes) with the selected candidates from the previous stage.

Degree awarded

“Master’s in Design and Urban Environment”

Career opportunities

The types of employment vary depending on the fields of application in which they are practiced, as well as the nature and size of the company (large industrial groups, SMEs, agencies) and the nature of the position (employee, self-employed, or freelance) and its designation:

  1. Design consultant, Product Design Manager, Design Department Manager, Agency Design Director.
  2. Design Manager, Research, Development, and Creation Mission Officer.
  3. Artistic Director.
  4. Product and Service Design Manager in a company or within a design agency.
  5. Consultant Designer in project management and/or innovative services (proposing scenarios, providing information on technological, societal, and economic trends, assisting the company in the development and implementation of innovation decisions).
  6. Defining commercial positioning for offered products and services.
  7. Implementing necessary measures for any company: branding, customer acquisition, personnel management, financial management, etc.
  8. Design consultant within private or public institutions and local authorities.


Continuation of studies

After obtaining a Professional Master in Design and Urban Environment, there are different possibilities for further studies if you wish to deepen your knowledge or specialize further. It is recommended that you seek out specific graduate programs at academic institutions or vocational training centers that offer further study options tailored to your interests and career goals.